Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Today I called my friend...

Meradith was pleased to here from me, it's been over a week since we've spoken and since she lives 70 odd miles away I can't see her that often. Dispite the several emergancy phone calls I had to make in the later part of this experiment, I think she was pretty impressed that I'd managed it.

I got back to Uni today, after spending the weekend at home. Mum loved to see me squirm when the house phone rang and I couldn't answer it. But I think she's proud that I've managed a week without MSN messenger, as she knows it's my life. Today I've had all day to use it, and although it's on right now, I haven't actually has much conversation with anyone. I don't really feel the need to. A week ago I would have spoken to people for the sake of doing so. And I think this is the same without my phone.

Today I also logged onto my Myspace and Face Book for the first time in a Week. I managed better without them than I thought I would. Surprisingly I didn't have any messeges, Although this is probably because all my friends knew about my experiment.

Shel x


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