Wednesday, 2 May 2007

A connection...

I just found another article on CBS News, and when I read it I was surprised to find how much I connected with the girl in question.

It states in this article that the girl hardly had a life outside her computer. Most of her friendships were online and her mother was extremelty concerned. During school the girl never got any homework done because she spent all her time online, it was an addiction. This is me, that is what I was like when I was at School. To the extent that My mum would take the fuse out the plug of my computer so I couldn't turn it on.

I knew other teens spent alot of time online, but parts of this article makes me think this is a problem. I do have a social life, but some teens don't. This girl went to a friends house, whos father had computers networked within his house and they spent their entire time in separate rooms talking to each other online. That is total madness, and actually makes me very cross.

For most of my life there had been computers in it, but I didn't get my own computer until I started secondry school, and I'd never used the internet before then either, so the first eleven years of my life were spent without this source of communication.

The worrying thing is, and it also makes me angry, is that my future children will never know any difference, to me this life seems normal now, but I do remember my life before such advanced forms of communication. I'm not saying the technology isn't good. It's brilliant. But it's not good that future generations will grow up in this virtual world.

Shel x

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