Saturday, 5 May 2007

I just found...

For nearly two weeks I've been searching to see if I could find anyone else who had done a similar experiment to me. To no avail. At last, just ten minutes ago, I came accross a woman who had. I did want to try and get more British examples to share. But as this is the first glimmer of something similar, then it will have to do.

This woman went a week without her mobile phone. She couldn't use it for anything, not even her alarm clock. But she was allowed to use other forms of communicattion, which I suppose takes the pressure off. She says in this piece, that she became reliant on AOL instant messenge as her main source of communication. She explains how although it wasn't as hard as she thought it might be, but she did feel cut off from the outside world. I couldn't connect with that feeling, as I didn't let myself get cut off. But I did connect with the feeling of anxiety of not having a phone.

Although I found this piece interesting, I can't say I thought it was written in a way which actually gave the readers an idea of how she felt without her phone, and generally it just explains what she is doing.

Shel x

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