Wednesday, 2 May 2007

It amazes me...

I have only used my phone twice today. To call my Mum, and make arrangments for her to pick me up from Uni when I finish for summer. I don't seem to feel the need anymore, ike I've found better things to do with my time than make phone calls. I even forgot to take my phone with me when I went out today. Usually it's the first thing I check I have with me even before my keys.

I also checked how many minute's I have remaining. Now usually I go well over my minutes each month, and end up paying almost double what I usually would. My minutes over rolled this month for the first time ever, by 40 minutes. This is certainly because of the week without calls, but I was still very surprised, I didn't realise how many minutes I would save.

I've only used MSN once today. I honestly don't even want to anymore. Infact I've started to find it a bit boring, I'd rather be outside doing things. Especially with the lovely weather we've been getting. Last time it was this hot,I still seemed to shut myself indoors everyday.

Shel x

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