Tuesday, 8 May 2007

What I've learnt...

In this past week since the experiment came to an end, I have been constantly researching, and learning about the effects advances in comminication are having on other people my age. It seems that not alot of research has really been done but I did find alot of articles. These all really spoke of the same thing, teens becoming addicted to instant messenger or myspace, increased use of their mobile phone, their withdrawal from society. There wasn't anything postive about the effects this is all having on todays youth. But it's still being encouraged.

I feel my finding have taught me alot, and totally changed my perspective on the way I've been communicating for the past five to six years. I didn't realise how much of a negative effect everything had been having on me. Now I completly understand what my parents were talking about with all those lectures they used to give me, about spending more time with my family and not shut away in my room. I thought they were being unfare when they took the fuse out of my computer, but now I can see they were only doing it for my own good.

It seems so normal to me to chat to my friends on instant messenger, but why I do it when I could just go round their house and have a proper conversation with them I don't know. The only positive side of me using the internet in this way is the friends I've made. My Mum would argue that they aren't real friends, but I disagree. Some of my best friends I've met through various introductions on instant messenger, or messege boards. I'm careful, I don't give out details until I feel I can trust that person, and through my six years of instant messenger useage, nothing bad has ever come of it.

But now I can see what other people must have seen in me. Afterall it's anti social to shut yourself away all day at a computer, or talk constantly or your phone.

Shel x

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