Tuesday, 8 May 2007

And Finally...

I can't believe this is my last post. Gosh, the past fortnight has gone extremely quickly, and everythings changed so much!

I have so much more appreciation for modern technology than I used to. It's so easy to take something you grow up with for granted, I used to make phone calls without even thinking about it. Now I'm thankful everytime I get to speak to my Mum.

Even though I am more appreciative of the technological communication in general, this past fortnight has really opened my eyes. I know that the amount of time I spent on the phone or on instant messenger was excessive and my continuous Myspace checking was borderlining an obsession. But now thats all changed. I still check my myspace, but not nearly as much, and as for instant messenger, it's always on but I've hardly spoken to anyone all week.

I still make phone calls, but not nearly as many, if it's unnessisary to do so, then I won't. I also realised how fun writing letters can be, and my family really liked recieving them. Especially my little sister.

This experience has taught me how anti social modern communication can make people, and has changed me for the better. Even my Mum noticed when she saw me last weekend, how much more talkative I am. I have more to talk about now, and I find it easier to involve myself in real life conversations, not instant messenger convos.

I'm really happy I did this experiment It really tested my willpower, but I've learnt so much, and I just appreciate everything in my life a little more than I did before.

Shel x

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