Monday, 30 April 2007

Just one more day...

This past week has been really hard and I will say something now. It has got to a point where the world has been designed around the use of your mobile phone, or it seems like that anyway.

I did have to use my phone. To let my mum know I was safe when all the southbound trains were cancelled from London Victoria last night, and when my friend needed to let me know what time she'd be arriving. It is really hard to deal with these circumstances without a phone. I tried and I did manage about 3 days without using my phone at all, but in a matter of emergency they are a necessity.

I have discovered I can have a perfectly normal social life at Uni without using MSN or my phone, because all my friends were around me, and if anything, the experience has made me more social.

So tomorrow everythings back to normal. Although this week hasn't really felt alot different.

Shel x

6 days 13 hours 40 miniutes without technological communication

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