Tuesday, 24 April 2007

This seems impossible...

One day in and I've rudely rejected two phonecalls. It's horrible. I've had a very productive day. Had a lecture, and then made dinner, went for a walk and watched the football with the boys. But I feel like theres something missing and it's making me very uncomfortable.

I've written little letters to my friends and family today, and I'll post them tomorrow. It was hard knowing what to say at the moment, but I might write again at the weekend, as it will have been longer since I've spoken to them.

I suppose an upside of this experiment, is the amount of un-interupted time I have to get on with my work. I've done quite alot today. I've also noticed that I'm remembering alot more, such as things I have to do, which often, i'd get distracted from.

Shel x

22 hours 38 minutes without technoglical communication.

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