Thursday, 26 April 2007


I haven't checked my Myspace in 3 days and It's now driving me mad. I must have so many messeges. I've also realised that I'm actually relieved when I start writing a post on here, because it seems like my only form of communication.

I'm going home today, immediately at the end of this lesson. I am so excited. It's my mums birthday and I really can't wait to see her. I'm seeing my little sister too, who I haven't seen in nearly two weeks. She'll be really surprised to see me.

I've realised today that this time tomorrow I'll be half way through this experiement, and it's amazing how well I've coped. The amount of things I can actually do without the use of my mobile phone, making arrangments is easier than I thought and I've actually enjoyed writing letters to my friends and family.

I'm hoping the next 4 days will go quickly though, as I really miss MSN. Despite how much work i've got done without my distractiions.

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