Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Mobile phone addiction amongst teenagers with a low self esteem?

I turned my phone on. I'm not entirely sure how to justify why I did this, other than the feeling of anxiety that I've had since I left the house at 2 o'clock this afternoon. If my phone rings I shall not answer it. But everyone who usually calls me knows of my experiment, so won't do so.

I'm trying to get myself out of the habit on constantly fiddling with my phone, incase I forget and absent mindedly dial someone. I'm not missing MSN, if anything it's a relief to be able to get on with some work, without getting disrupted. I still am not missing facebook or myspace. If I keep myself distracted with essay writing this evening I'm hoping I will not get any urges to check them at all.

I'm missing my phone the most though. I don't even think I use it as much as some people my age, but it's enough for me to miss not having it, and the thought of not being able to chat to people on the phone is making me feel a little unsettled.

I was browsing google to see what the major effects of mobile phones on teenagers are and when I found this, I actually thought it sounded a bit ridiculous upon reading for the first time. An addiction to your mobile phone? But upon reading about teenagers with low self esteem, feeling the need to be connected with people at all times, I understood. I like to know whats going on at all times, and the feeling of being out of the loop, or people forgetting to unclude you, is quite frightening. I can't wait for this week to be over.

Shel x

17 hours and 49 minutes without tehcnogical communication

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