Thursday, 19 April 2007

My Experiment

I have decided to make the brave move of giving up any form of technogical communication for a week. Once upon a time, infact not so long ago people managed without their mobile phone, and not every household had internet access. Now it is relied upon.

I remember a time when I would go round to my friends houses and knock on their door, now we just text each other. That was probably no more than 8 years ago. How times have changed.

Will I be able to go back to this lifestyle, now I am more or less reliant on technology as my main source of communication?

I spend approximately 5 hours on an average day (depending on my plans) using MSN messenger. I send about 10 - 15 texts, and I make and recieve countless phonecalls. Not to mention Facebook and Myspace, for messeging, and finding out what is going on.

The rules of my experiment will be as follows...

* No use of mobile phone, for making or receiving phonecalls, sending or recieving text messeges, except for in emergencies. I will however be allowed to use it as an alarm clock.

* I will not be able to make or recieve calls off any landline phone.

* I will not be able to use Facebook or Myspace throughout the experiment.

* Friends must not pass messeges for me that have been sent to them via text or email.

* I must not use my email.

* I cannot use messege boards.

The aim of this experiment is to see if it is possible, as a teenager, to still be able to live a normal social life, without the use of technology to make arrangments and if I appreciate this technology alot more rather than just take it for granted.

I also want to find out if not being able to talk to my friends and family on such a regular basis, will affect the way I behave in social situations. Will it change the way I talk to people, seeing as I won't be up to date on whats going on, will this make me feel left out, or give more of a talking point?

The experiment will start on Monday 23rd April and last until Sunday 29th. I am actually nervous. How will I get out of the habit of idlely playing with my phone, or signing into MSN messenger when I go online. And most of all will I be able to go a week without talking to my Mum???

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k said...

so - how did it go? VERY interesting, btw.

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